FAQ & Earring backs


Q: What types of earring backing options does ERTH offer?

BUTTERFLY BACKS; We offer the traditional butterfly backings in 14k Yellow, white and rose gold, the butterfly back slides onto the post and can be adjusted in terms of tightness to the ear. 

PUSH PIN FLAT BACKS; Our push pin flat backs are inserted first through the back of the ear, followed by the shorter post attached to the stud inserted into the flat backing tubing at the front of the ear. The short post attached to the stud is slightly bent to create friction within the flat back tubing and securing the stud snuggly on the ear

THREADED FLAT BACKS; Our threaded flat backings are inserted through the back of the ear initially. The short threaded post attached to the stud is inserted into the threaded flat backing tubing at the front of the ear and screws into the backing for a secure and snug fit to the ear. 


Q: What are the gauge sizes and post lengths that ERTH offers in flat backings options?

A: Our short posts on the earring studs for our push pin flat backings are 5mm in length, we can also look into customizing a length for you. This short post is inserted into the flat backing and we currently offer titanium medical grade backings and 14k gold in 16g 1/4 inches (6mm) or 18g 5/16 inches (8mm) in length.


Q: Does ERTH pierce with a piercing gun or a needle?

A: ERTH piercers only pierce with a sterilized needle as piercing guns can cause significant tissue damage.

Q: What is the difference between a flat back or a standard earring post? Which backing is used when pierced with ERTH?

A: Upon piercing, we only pierce with flat back studs. The flat backings are as long as the traditional long posts with butterfly backs. Our piercers prefer we work with flat backings as opposed to traditional butterfly backings for piercing as there is less room for discomfort and infection during the healing process. The back of traditional butterfly earring slides onto the post, often making the earrings too tight. This is bad for all ear types but especially sensitive ears. Earrings that pinch against the skin of your earlobe trap air and the area becomes moist and prone to infection. The most common result is what looks like an allergic reaction: soreness, red itchy skin, and sometimes open sores. 

Since the piercing is an open wound we want to treat it as such and pierce with sterilized medical grade titanium flat backings (this is the part that goes through your ear) with the sterilized shorter post sliding into that tubing. Post piercing the flat backing stud is a reusable earring.


Q: I am interested in purchasing ERTH jewelry but am interested in hearing more about ERTH’s ethical & sustainability efforts. How do you source your diamonds and gold?

A: ERTH strives to make the maximum efforts to leave little to no footprint on our earth when creating our pieces. Our jewelers are apart of the "Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and are committed to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability in all aspects of our operations from using 100% recycled materials, to sourcing ethical gemstones to ensure integrity, our trusted vendors are obligated to operate in full compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations imposed by the countries in which they operate. They are required to sign a Vendor code of Conduct that draws upon international and industry-specific recognized standards in order to advance social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Our jewelers membership with the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America (DMIA) means that we share their commitment to upholding the highest standards for ethics, integrity, and professionalism in the diamond industry. We are committed to selling conflict-free, ethically sourced diamonds. We believe it is completely unacceptable to tolerate conflict diamonds and human suffering in any way. We believe in being as ethical, transparent and trustworthy as possible. 


Q: Can I be pierced with an ERTH earpiece I have already purchased?

A: Unfortunately, due to sterilization needs we are unable to pierce with an unsterilized studs. You are welcome to bring in your ERTH piece to discuss what options the piercer may have for sterilization and piercing.


Q: What are my options for payment?

A: ERTH accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Pay Pal, Amazon Pay, and Afterpay as payment options. Please email us at hi@erthjewelry.com if you are interested in making a purchase with multiple payment options.


Q: How long will it take to receive my ERTH piece?

A: Delivery times of your ERTH piece will vary depending on the jewelry as some pieces are made to order and can take up to 2 weeks to complete production. 

We offer multiple shipping options to expedite the delivery process. Do note, USPS First Class postage may take a bit longer to ship than other mail services. First class mail can take 6-8 weeks to be received internationally. Feel free to email us at hi@erthjewelry.com to discuss the best shipping option for you.


Q: Does ERTH cover shipping for any damaged, defective, or exchanged jewelry?

A: ERTH does not cover return shipping for any damaged and/or exchanged jewelry. ERTH will cover mail out shipping for any replacements on damaged or defective items.


For all other questions please do email us at hi@erthjewelry.com and we will do our best to answer you asap.