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Celebrity Stylist


What makes you powerful?
- My intuition.

What makes your world turn?
- My family.

Who are your mentors in life?
- My mother and a small network of amazingly strong women in my life and I can't forget my grandfather who was there for all of his kids and grandchildren. He would always tell me to work harder even when I told him I was working three jobs at the age of 17. I think I pushed myself because I always had him in my head telling me to work hard and never give up.

A pivotal moment in your life so far?
- Having my three beautiful children. They are my life and I do everything for my family now.

Advice to women trying to make a make it in this world?
- Work hard, work with integrity and always be happy for others’ success. Know that your time will come with hard work and patience.

Who are you? How would you describe yourself?
- I’m a mother of three, who also happens to be blessed to be a celebrity stylist. I have my dream career that I started from the ground up. I work very hard and I go above and beyond to help others.

What is your go to outfit?
- It depends on my mood. I usually wear black leather pants, a vintage tee and a statement jacket. I always wear black or grey. I like to keep it simple and effortless. I usually wear a top knot or hat and a red lip. It’s my signature look.

What are your favorite pieces from ERTH?
- I’m obsessed with the thin layered cross chain necklaces. I’m also a hoop kinda girl, so I love all the gold hoops.

How do you wear jewelry?
- I love to layer my jewelry. I love a statement earring or a statement necklace, but it’s one or the other. I don’t usually do both.

Whats your idea of a good time?
- Dinner with my girlfriends and a good bottle of wine or brunch with rosé. I love a good catch up session with my girls since I’m so busy with work and family.

Favorite meal and place to eat out?
- I love Pace. Their salmon dish is pretty amazing!

Favorite quote or affirmation or words you live by?
“The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion and compassion and humor and style and generosity and kindness.” Maya Angelou-

Advice to your younger self?
- Know that you will be okay and know that your life is going to be incredibly fulfilling. Also, please learn to kindly say “No” early on so that you’re not killing yourself and getting taken advantage of.

One last word for women out there reading this?
- Love and cherish yourself and your family. Know that it is possible to have the career of your dreams and a happy family when you find that work/life balance. Don’t be afraid to take chances and never let fear hold you back!









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