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What makes you powerful?

My ability to be present, to love with all my heart, to listen, to set healthy boundaries and to walk away from that which no longer serves me.


What makes your world turn?

My husband and the way he loves me.


Who are your mentors in life? How did they help your journey?

My mother Joan is one of my mentors; in the final months of her life she taught me how to see the beauty in the chaos and the messiness. One morning in the hospital I asked her if there was anything she was grateful for and she said, ”I woke up today, I am grateful for that.” Mum battled with brain cancer for 18 months and through the unspeakable challenge of facing the end of her life she taught me that despite the pain and discomfort of our circumstances there is always something to be grateful for. Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of "You are the Placebo” and “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” is also someone who continues to inspire me. Through the application of his work I have come to understand the immense value of developing the latent power contained within my mind and the tremendous impact that this has on every area of my life.


A pivotal moment in your life so far?

The most pivotal moment in my life so far has been the death of my baby Magnolia. Mothering her for 39 weeks in my womb was an enormous privilege. Holding her beautiful body and walking through the fire of grief with her father has tattooed into the recesses of my heart and brain the importance of savoring every single moment.


What are you most grateful for?

My health, my husband, Magnolia and my incredible family and friends.


Advice to women trying to make a make it in this world?

Discover who you are. Discover what you love. Unlock the power of your mind and learn to direct it positively and intentionally; your greatness and mastery will flow from here.


If you were given the power to successfully change 1 thing in the world, what would it be?

Our inability to perceive the oneness and how deeply and intricately the pages of our lives are bound together.


Who are you? How would you describe yourself?

I’d like to say I know for certain who I am but honestly I’m still figuring this out. Through my study of meditation and quantum physics I am beginning to experience and understand the greater part of myself that I perceive as non-physical. It’s hard to describe. There is something here that I can touch (my body) that for so long I thought was me and then there’s this other part of me that I can’t touch but I feel when I close my eyes and focus my attention and energy inward on the space around and within my body. I have a strong passion for learning, writing poetry and hosting events that assist women in unlocking their creative voice. I am working on my first book called “She Was Born; Poems of Loss and Liberation” it’s about the journey of healing after loss. I am hoping it will shed some light on the profound initiation that bringing a stillborn baby into the world is.


What qualities and virtues do you find valuable in people?

Authenticity, courage, kindness, compassion, and generosity.


What are your favorite pieces from ERTH?

The limited edition 14k large cross threader earrings, Diamond teardrop studs, the gold 3 spoke ring and the Mary Bolo necklace.


Favorite place to be/exist?

In bed with my man.


Favorite quote, affirmation or words you live by?

“As a being of power, intelligence, and love... you hold the key to every situation, and contain within yourself that transforming and regenerative agency by which you may make yourself what you will.” James Allan






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