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What makes you powerful?

I’m surrounded by supportive women. They encourage me, believe in me, and value me. They set me up for everything I do.  



What makes your world turn?

My people. I’m quite an introvert, but there’s nothing better than spending time with friends and family… and then reading a book by myself ;)


Who are your mentors in life? How did they help your journey?

My mentors are my parents, my bosses at work, and a few close friends. They provide everything from reassurance to reality checks.


A pivotal moment in your life so far?

Ironically, not getting a job was actually a pivotal moment. After graduating college, I applied for an entry level marketing job with a denim line in Los Angeles. I wanted to work there terribly, and it was a blow when I didn’t get the job. Little did I know, the position of Assistant to the Co-Founder at Who What Wear would open up a couple months later. If I had gotten the job at the denim company, I wouldn’t be celebrating five plus years at a company I love.   



Advice to women trying to make it in this world?

Time is precious, so invest your time into the things that matter to you. If that means impressing your boss to move up in your company, dedicate time to think big picture, beyond your daily to-do list. If that means making a career switch to do something you love, make the time to take that first step of researching how you can get your dream job.


Who are you? How would you describe yourself?

I am loyal and thoughtful. I value integrity, authenticity, and if I can be surface-level for a moment, aesthetics! 

What is your go to outfit?

Almost always pants, whether it’s jeans or trousers, and a tailored top.


What are your favorite pieces from Erth?

Where do I start? These hoops are delicious. I always get compliments on this rainbow choker, and this pink guy is great too.


How do you wear jewelry?

I think your jewelry look should feel like your thumbprint, a signature look that feels authentically you. Mine is still a work in progress, but I love to wear anything that feels like it has a story.


What’s your idea of a good time?

A martini and dancing. Also, weekend brunch then a long nap.


Favorite meal and place to eat out?

My boyfriend’s homemade cholent (a stew that will is so filling and comforting you immediately want to fall asleep). For eating out, I adore Bestia, Jon and Vinny’s, and Night Market Song.


Advice to younger self?

Don’t be so nervous. Actually that still applies.


One last word for women out there reading this?

Be gentle on yourself. It’s easy to feel self-doubt and second guess your standing and worth. This will only get in your way, so remember: You deserve everything good that has happened to you, and you likely deserve more.


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