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What makes you powerful?
 My relationships empower me.  My family and friends have always been my biggest supporters, personally and professionally.  They are consistently there for me- through some tough decisions, good and bad days and everything in between.   Being healthy makes me feel powerful.  Making sure I do what's best for me physically and mentally.  That's powerful.

What makes your world turn?
My family and friends. Those relationship are so important to me and are the main drive for everything I do.

Who are you’re mentors? How did they help your journey?
 My mom.  At the age of 14 she fully stood behind me and  fully supported me while I embarked on this crazy new journey. All while raising and looking after 3 children. She taught me how to be the woman I am today and how to follow my dreams.

A pivotal moment in your life so far
 When I was just 14 years old, I left Canada and went to spend the summer in Paris. I worked with Chanel a week after arriving and ended up walking in my very first haute couture fashion show. I’d say this was the beginning of my career. That summer in Paris set me up for a life I would have never expected.

Advice to women trying to make it in this world.
The first thing is just to be yourself. Never let anyone take that from you. The most successful models in the industry are nice, kind and overall have beautiful personalities. Its important for people to enjoy your company and want to work with you again. Also to never let rejection effect you. You can’t always be the perfect fit for every client. Rejection is all part of this industry and if you can handle it and move forward….you’re set!

Who are you how would you describe yourself?
 I'm a girl's girl but growing up, I was always a tomboy.  I immersed myself in sports at a young age and have always loved the challenge of learning something new.    Recently I started my pilates certification program. Im challenging myself and I love it. 

What is your go to outfit?
I love dressing up for a great occassion, but lean towards simple pieces otherwise.  Jeans/tee or a dress is my usually go to combo.

Favorite piece of earth jewelry?
 Ooooh this is a hard one because I love EVERYTHING! I’m obsessed with diamond choker and the chola hoop

How do you wear jewelry?
I would say I tend to lean towards simple pieces in this area, as well. I love hoops in all sizes for all occasions. 

Whats your idea of a good time
 I love a girl's night whether it's checking out a new restaurant together or a hosting a fun game night at home. Also love a sunny day spent on my boat surfing and walking down to the lake on a quiet night with my english bull dog, Otis. <3

Favorite meal and place to eat out
 Glory bowls or anything my Mom makes.  She is a fantastic cook!  As far as restaurants go, there are too many to choose from in NYC!  Freeman's alley, the Waverly Inn and Alta are some of my go tos.  

Favorite quote or affirmation or words you live by.
I'm a firm believer in energy- getting back the energy you put out into the world so I always try to start my day focusing on the things I am grateful for.

Advice to younger self.
 Don’t sweat the little things. 

One last word for women out there reading this.
In today's world, where digital transformation is changing the way we live our lives and make decisions, it's important to remember who you are and what's important to you.  Now more than ever, it is so important to lift each other up and support one another. 









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