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Founder of Anine Bing



What makes you powerful?

I feel powerful when I feel comfortable and I’m doing something I love. When I’m in the design studio I feel like I can bring my ideas to life in a way that lets me use my creativity. I also feel powerful when I’m learning. I love listening in meetings with our board or CFO and learning about sides of the business I’m excited to know more about. It makes me feel like I’m growing and becoming a better leader. I feel the most powerful when I’m able to empower other women to follow their dreams and feel good about themselves.


What makes your world turn?

My family and my work. My kids inspire me so much and give me inspiration and my husband is my partner in everything including our business. They give me the support I need to be passionate and dedicated to my company which excites me and teaches me new things every day.


Who are your mentors in life? How did they help your journey?

My grandmother will always be my biggest style icon and hero. She was brave, fun and independent— she had the best sense of humor and was never afraid to speak her mind or tell everyone what she thought. She also had amazing style.She moved with her husband when she was young and left everything behind, she has always been my role model forgoing after what I want and not being afraid.


Your most insecure moment in life and how you tackled it?

I’m not sure if this was my most insecure moment, but it was a moment I didn’t feel like my best self. I remember a year into starting my business, I had just given birth to my son Benjamin and we had the opportunity to do a big TV interview for the company. I felt like it was such a big moment for our brand which at the time was just starting to take off so I did the interview a few days after I had him and I was so out of it. I think I did a terrible job, I don’t even remember. That’s when I learned it’s ok to say no.


A pivotal moment in your life so far?

There have been so many, having my daughter and becoming a mom changed me. It made me so much more aware and loving. She has taught me so much and then having our company, there have been so many moments there, like when we opened up our first store or the first time I saw someone wearing my clothes out in the world.


What are you most grateful for?

I am grateful to have a life where I get to be creative every day. Running a company isn’t easy and I am still learning everyday but I am so lucky to have the opportunity to be in the position to learn and to work with really creative smart people to create these cool clothes women want to wear.


Advice to women trying to make a make it in this world?

Love yourself and give yourself a break. I have learned that you can do a lot but it’s impossible to do it all, there just isn’t time to do everything. If I have a busy day at the office I might not be able to cook a perfect dinner for my family but I can order take out and put my phone down when we eat together. I think it’s about making choices and prioritizing at that moment. That’s the only way you can try to do everything.


What part of your culture are you most or least proud of?

I think it's pretty amazing how great it is to raise kids in Scandinavia. It’s a culture that lets the parents get a lot of time with their children instead of having to rush back to work after just a few weeks. The maternity leave and health care system is amazing and focuses on putting family first.


What do you think is lacking in our culture today?

Our culture is obsessed with the idea of doing it all, so balance doesn’t happen. Because everyone is so worried about being perfect in every part of their lives they aren’t present. That’s something I have to work really hard at. I’ve learned that there’s not enough time in the day to run a company and cook a healthy dinner and do everything so I try to pick one thing and be extremely present and focused and then shift my attention to the next thing instead of trying to multitask and I end up not doing anything my best.


What is the best and worst thing about being female?

I feel empowered by being a woman and I honestly never let my being a woman stop me from going after my dreams. We can do so much. Being a mom and owning my own company has taught me that. I’ve started a business from the ground up while pregnant and I’ve learned how to juggle it all in the best way I know how.


If you were given the power to successfully change 1 thing in the world, what would it be?

(PS we know you can do this,you have the power)I want to be part of a world in which everyone is able to pursue their dreams. I have been so fortunate to be able to take risks and explore my creativity and I would want to create an environment where everyone had that opportunity without worrying if they were going to fail.


Who are you? How would you describe yourself?

The first thing that comes to mind is that I’m a mom. I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl, at one point I even wanted to be a midwife. But after that I think I’m hard-working, family-focused, grounded, open to experiences and lessons—whether it’s through travel, being a mom, meeting new people, or running a business and also very grateful. I always try to actively practice gratitude for all the amazing things in my life and to surround myself with inspiration to keep my creativity going.


What qualities and virtues do you find valuable in people?

I really appreciate hard working people who are dedicated. I love when people are willing to throw themselves into a project and are willing to try new things and take risks. I also really appreciate positive people. I think having a positive attitude is so important and helpful to everyone around. I try to surround myself with people that will lift me up and push me to be better.


What is your go to outfit?

I feel the most like myself in a pair of jeans and a tee—maybe at night, I’ll throw on a leather jacket. I come back to these again and again when I don’t know what else to wear because I really feel the most comfortable and like myself in them.


What are your favorite pieces from ERTH?

I really love the Luna Pearl & Diamond Studs. They are so unique and not something I would usually wear but the little diamond at the end and the pearl finish works great with my other ANINE BING studs.






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